November 30, 2012

Purple V Tips

This was a fun, but simple design that's almost a quick, plain manicure with a bit of style.

First, paint your base color on all nails except your accent nails (I chose thumb and ring fingers).

Make a V shape with the base color on those accent nails, and then add a shorter V with a contrasting or complimentary color.

And here's the finished manicure!

November 23, 2012

Roses & Butterfly Mani

I'm sad that I missed two of the biggest holidays for nail designs: Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I've been soooooo busy the last several weeks. Here's a nail design that turned out way better than I thought, and I want to do something similar again soon!

I used these polishes:

Here are pictures of the plates I stamped with:

(The rectangular plates are an unnamed brand I got on eBay, just search for "oblong nail plates", I got the 12 pack, there's also and 18 pack)

Sponge on the first layer of gradient.

Sponge on a darker color to continue the gradient.

And stamping time :) I did some leafy flowers all in green to just look like a bunch of leaves, then a rose with part pink and green polish, then the purple butterfly on my thumbs only.

November 2, 2012

Cute Pumpkins

I know this is late, and not very original, but I had fun with this mani and wanted to share it with you guys.

Paint your nails orange first.

I added some orange glitter, which could also be added after the pumpkin faces so that the black polish sparkles too.

Have fun with the faces you paint; feel free to google pumpkin carving for inspiration!