September 28, 2012

Blue Chevron Tip

* For this post I re-sized my images ahead of time, so they won't enlarge when you click on them, but I hope that this will make my posts load a lot faster on your computers :) And it takes less time to upload the photos on my end too!

So on to the manicure: this is a nude polish with a blue funky french and rhinestone accents.

The polishes I used are an unnamed pinky nude by Profusion, Billie Aqua, and Nyx Ocean.

And of course a rhinestone wheel and a dotting tool (any size) to pick up the rhinestones with.

Here's what the chevron tip looks like on its own.

Yes, I see the smudge on my middle finger. I don't remember how that happened, but you girls are way more careful doing other stuff with wet nails than I am, right? Lol

Tell me what you think in the comments! Should I have used a black or white rhinestone instead of the same color blue? Or even something like lime green or fuschia? What colors would you do this design in?

September 21, 2012

Brown and Gold

This is gonna be a short post; I was just experimenting with this new brown polish I got, and this combo ended up being one of my faves. It's called Cafe Au Lait by Nyx and the gold flecks is Essie As Gold as it Gets

Here is Cafe by itself.

Close up.

September 14, 2012

Crackle over Glitter

This manicure was super fun, and super easy! I love experimenting with crackle in different ways. This time I was trying crackle over a very glittery polish to see how much of the sparkle would show through.

The base is an unnamed Wet N Wild pink polish, Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink, and Cherimoya crackle polish in Innocence.

Here's the base color on its own, very pretty.

A good layer of glitter.

This is the matte crackle finish with no topcoat. Tell me in the comments below if you like the shiny one at the top better, or this glitter/matte combo.

September 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polishes Review

I know everybody's probably seen these already; they're nothing new. I just wanted to share swatches of the colors I have, and my opinion on them.

First up, Yellow Kitty. This one is fairly sheer, I think I did 2-3 coats. I have to say I really love this soft yellow.

Gray by Gray: a perfect bluish gray, I LOVE this color! This is 2 coats.

Raisin the Bar: Very sheer, I think I did 3 coats (first pic is only one coat)

Even after any number of coats I still see brush strokes :( Maybe it's just my bottle, but this gorgeous color is kind of ruined for me because of that.

My FAVORITE PINK EVER! This is Frutti Petutti, one coat.

Grass Slipper, the best yellowy green I have in my collection (the pics lower down are more accurate of color, this one not so much). The only thing is, it stains SO bad, wear a base coat under this one for sure.

This happened a while ago, I've only ever seen a few polishes do this, and usually SH polishes never do. This is the shade of green that Grass Slipper really looks like:

Tell me in the comments which color is your favorite, or if there are any you have that you'd recommend I buy!

September 6, 2012

Green Ruffian Manicure

I have another ruffian for you guys today, these are so easy to do and a little more nail art-y than just a plain color, I love ruffians! Anyways, this one is with a medium and dark green (that looks black most of the time, but it is green).

This is the base color, first coat. This is Flat Iron Green by NYC

The second color is Sew Psyched by Essie.

Sorry about the lighting in  these; it was late at night so I had my lamp on for extra light, but it ended up being too much! lol Below is 3 or 4 coats (I forget haha) of Flat Iron Green.

And then the ruffian.

I so should've added a matte top coat to this, but I didn't. Maybe I'll have to recreate this manicure just to see what it looks like mattified!