August 24, 2012

Pink Camouflage Nails

So this turned out to be more of a pink zebra stripe, mostly because I used a zebra stamp. I saw this design in a video on Youtube (for the life of me I can't remember which nail guru uploaded it) and I had to try it for myself. First of all, she did light pink as the base, then medium splotches and dark pink stripes, and she used a plate I don't have for the camo-looking stripes rather than zebra-looking stripes.


SH Complete Salon Manicure in Frutti Petutti, Tivoli (no name) and Wet N Wild (no name)

Base and top coats pictured below.

Stamp was from Bundle Monster plate 223

So I started off with the dark pink (sorry no photos for this part!) and once it dried, I used the middle pink and just with the polish brush it came with, made uneven splotches like paint splatters, a few on each nail. They're hard to see in the finished design though :( And then I did the stamp with the lightest pink.