August 10, 2012

Peach with Gold Stamp & Glitter

This manicure is very subtle, but gorgeous, IMO. I wore it for a long time before it got so chipped I was forced to remove it.

Sorry about the photos, but the gold stamp (a flower pattern, if you can't tell) didn't pick up on my camera; it isn't this subtle in real life, you can tell its flowers.

The stamp I used, from Bundle Monster, I don't remember which plate lol

Revlon Peachy, by itself. I don't have a photo of the stamping polish, but I used Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in Gilty Pleasure.

After the stamp, I added these loose, hexagonal gold glitters to the center of a few flowers on each nail.


  1. What a fantastic combination - it looks so elegant. Funny this is I have this plate and I've never wanted to use. Now I think I have to. It's looks so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! Yeah there are some images I'm not too keen on in this set but I've been wanting to try them all anyways.