December 7, 2012

Blue Blizzard

This french tip manicure turned out very well, even on my right hand. I love this design, and already I want to do it again in the future!

I used a light blue by Essence with a dark nail striper, and a glitter polish from Ardene called (you guessed it) Blue Blizzard.

I don't have pics of every step, but paint a french first, line it with the striper and load on your glitter.

This side pic is to show you guys how I cut my nails. For a while, I had them like this, and I LOVED it, until one broke, and I cut them all to match :( Anyways, if you can't tell from the pic I cut the sides of the white part of my nail, so they'd be squarer, if that makes any can see on the side view where my nail bed is my nail slopes down, and then it goes up? I cut it that way, it used to keep sloping down, covering more of my fingertips.


  1. You did such a great job! Such pretty blues together. Bummer about the break, though, those always take some getting used to.
    Hope you're aving good holidays! :)

    1. Thank you :) Yes, they sure do. I am, I hope you are too, and happy new year!