April 27, 2012

Pink Sun & Rhinestones

Hey guys, this is a design I'm not sure I love, I was mostly experimenting with stuff, tell me what you think :)

Here's the supplies I used:

-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Mellow Yellow
-Claire's mood polish, Fabulous/Funky (mine is a crap bottle that doesn't change color, so I just use it as a plain neon pink instead of a mood polish)
-Kiss Nail Art Paint, green
-Kleancolor Nail to Toe, gold glitter

For the first step, paint all your nails pink.

I didn't take individual photos of every step for this manicure, but here are some photos of the other supplies. The stamping plate I used, the stamp and scraper, dotting tool and rhinestone wheel.

Basically what I did was stamp the sun, add a yellow rhinestone in the middle and two green lines going horizontally 'through' the sun, and some glitter on the sun's rays. The glitter ended up overtaking the stamp in the final photos lol

Here's a close up view of the stamp I chose (and my camera lens)


I hope some of you liked this, I didn't leave it on my nails for too long. Any comments on how you'd change it up?

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