June 10, 2011

Water Marbling Tutorial

Here it is! Like I said last Friday, this is the tutorial for doing your own water marble.

Supplies needed are the same as my last post, though of course use whatever color nail polish you want. I'm not going to re-post the supplies here. As a tip, though, use thinner nail polish that easily drips off the brush because you need to work very quickly when doing the marbling.

Step 1: Fill your disposable cup with water

Step 2: Cover your finger in Vaseline

Step 3: Drip nail polish into the water, one color at a time

Step 4: Keep dripping in nail polish until you like the color scheme

Step 5: Take a toothpick or sewing needle and make your marble design

Step 6: Pick a spot to stick your nail in

Step 7: Put your finger in directly vertical, so the surface of the water/polish comes to your first knuckle

Step 8: Wait a minute or so for the surface polish to set, then clean it up with a Q-tip

Step 9: Take your finger out

Step 10: Clean nail polish off your skin with a clean Q-tip before it dries

Step 11: Wait for nail polish to dry, and use a top coat to seal in the design

And you're done!

It's much easier than it looks to get a great looking marbled design, just a little messy. Sorry it's hard to see the colors that I used in these pictures. I used orange, gold, and a clear glitter polish. It looks prettier in real life.

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