February 27, 2012

Blog Update

So all I've been doing with this blog is posting nail art tutorials, and I know (because I'm like this) that a lot of times I just want to see a pretty polish all on its own, or a nail design without a tutorial because I've been doing this long enough I can usually figure out how the person did the nail art on my own.

I figure many of you are probably the same way or at least similar to what I want in a polish blog, so I'm going to be mixing up tutorials with product reviews, polishes on their own, and nail designs without tutorials.

Feel free to email me or comment on something you wanna see in the future, or a tutorial on a design I posted that didn't have one!

And a big thanks to everyone who has followed or commented, I know I'm just starting out in the nail blogging world, and it means a lot :)

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