June 15, 2012

Summer Fall French

This is by far one of my favorite manicures I've ever done, and I'm already planning on doing it again with a different set of colors, maybe purple/blue and brown/pink or something...

Here's the supplies pics:

So first you paint a diagonal french tip with the medium shade of the colors you chose. You can angle the diagonal the same way on all your nails, or do your other hand the opposite direction like I did.

Add the lightest shade of the colors you're using to a diagonal opposite the first one.

And then put your darkest or contrasting color in the same direction as the medium shade (the first one you did).

Then, I added gold glitter to my thumb and ring fingers of my orange/red hand in an x shape where the two lighter colors meet, and silver on my green/yellow hand.

I hope you guys liked this post, try it out in your favorite colors :)

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