July 8, 2011

Pink Sqaures

This nail art design was surprisingly easy, and fun! It's unique, and a good choice for a beginner. I even found doing my right hand (I'm right handed) wasn't that difficult, either.

Here's the supplies I used:

- Acrylic Paint (Cherry Blossom Pink)
- Acrylic Paint (Light Antique White
- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, Invisible

The first step is to paint all your nails white. (In this picture I forgot I didn't take a picture of my nails before I started the design, so I just showed the ones that were still plain white).

Then, draw your first line. Which line to start with is up to you, this is just the way I did it.

Then, the next line.

The last two lines will make a square shape in the middle of the nail.

Lastly, fill it in with the pink.

After adding a top coat or clear nail polish, you're done!

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