August 26, 2011

Claire's Mood Polish: Happy/Earthy

You've all probably heard by now of mood nail polish, but if there's anyone who doesn't, it's polish that changes color based on temperature. I bought 2 from Claire's, one called happy/earthy (the green/yellow one) and one called fabulous/funky (dark/light pink). Here's an example of the green one:

I absolutely love this polish! If your nails are long enough like mine, you can see the color change even at room temperature, without doing the hot or cold water thing. But here it is in hot water then in cold just to show you guys:

There's such a huge color difference in the change that it's really noticeable even from several feet away! Here's some more random pictures of this polish:

This next picture is without any hot or cold water, I was just really cold sitting in my room for a few hours and here's what my nails looked like.

I'll probably do a swatch of the pink one I bought at a later time, but for a heads up, either I got a faulty bottle or it really doesn't change color AT ALL.

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