September 9, 2011

Glitter & Rhinestone Experiments

So this week I was just doing some experimenting on fake nails. I had this loose glitter I wanted to try out, and btw it turned out being way too messy with disappointing results, so I got rid of it. I was also trying out some rhinestone stickers I'd found. Here's the pictures:

I put the painted nail on a piece of wax paper held down by other polishes to keep the glitter off my computer desk.

The glitter didn't even stick to all the parts of the wet polish. You can see bald spots on the right side and bottom of the yellow nail. Here's the blue sparkles: (I tried to do a french tip on purpose)

Here's all three nails. The rhinestones stuck easily and stayed in one place where I put them. I've also tried them on my real nails and I'll post some pictures for you guys later today.

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