December 16, 2011

Christmas - Red, Green & Gold

I did get another Christmas design in yay! Anyways, I was wearing Sally Hansen's Grass Slipper for a few days before I decided to hide some of the chips with a new design, and here it is:

Here's the supplies I used:

- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Grass Slipper
- Miss B Rainbow, #75
- Kleancolor Nail to Toe, Mr. Right NOW
- Kiss Nail Art Paint, Gold Glitter (sorry I forgot it in the picture!)
- Clear or top coat

First, paint all your nails green. Feel free to use a darker, more Christmas-y green; I was just already wearing this one.

Then, paint a swish of red on the right side of the tips of your nails.

Next, outline your red sections with a gold striper. I actually used 2 different ones. The Kiss one is a yellowy gold with more glitter, and the Kleancolor striper is a paler gold with less dense glitter as well as multicolored fine glitters in with the gold.

Whoops - my top coat smudged my thumb there lol

And I did my right hand with the red parts near my cuticles instead of near the tips of my nails, but feel free to do them both the same. You can kinda see the Kiss striper here and how different it is from my Kleancolor one.

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